Battle Cry

My peer once asked me “What is your battle cry?” Public Relations professionals can come up with a battle cry, an inspiration, a call to arms if you will, at the drop of a dime. I vaguely remember concocting one within minutes. It was probably a damn good one. Yet, before this moment I don’t…

Tomato Fest 2015

Sated and hydrated. It was time to dig into the festivities. We kicked off with a selfie in front of the Tomato Bar.

Key West Living

Set an alarm if you live up north and schedule to read this post in December and January to keep you warm! That’s probably what I’ll do when my human winter blanket isn’t around!

Nowhere Slow

The lead singer managed to hit every stinking note every time I thought he would trip over his vocals. I found myself even swaying a bit- I was yet too sober to dance.

Office Greens

We loved our one tomato but we work in a questionable area of a heartless town and one day a menace to society stole our precious tomato as she was sunbathing out back by our dumpster.

In Living Color

All around Philadelphia there is evidence of poverty or crime waiting to happen and woven into that underlying tension is a yarn of bold and colorful talent.