Battle Cry

My peer once asked me “What is your battle cry?” Public Relations professionals can come up with a battle cry, an inspiration, a call to arms if you will, at the drop of a dime. I vaguely remember concocting one within minutes. It was probably a damn good one. Yet, before this moment I don’t think I ever truly had a battle cry.

I can feel an energy in me forcing me to stand up, shake off the stress, the dramatics, the negative, shake them all off and scream something out loud. Something really fucking genuine, excuse the crass language.

TAKE THE TOOLS IN FRONT OF YOU AND HELP YOURSELVES. Lazy cannot be allowed to live in your space if you want a semblance of success in any part of your life. The tools and tips and tricks to do better, be better, invite better, they are everywhere. You just need to know where to look.

Sometimes you need some metaphorical tools, like shovels and brooms to get rid of what, or who is in the way of your success.

Sometimes you need metaphorical glasses before you can even see that there are obstacles in your path.
Sometimes you need a demolition crew to break down everything you’ve built because what you built was not meant to last forever,  more like a temporary filler until you had the perfect blueprint for what really needs to be constructed.

Sometimes you need to fire your initial construction crew because they are no good, not qualified or not ready to take on this massive work you are about to create.

Look around you before taking another step toward your ultimate goal. Ask yourself, are you ready for what you are about to become? Make sure the people around you are the ones who will steady your ladder as you climb. Be sure you have cleaned up the old tool kit before you start adding anything new.

Yes. Do a little clean up.



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