Workforce Musings…

There is nothing unique about being a college student, we are a dime a dozen.

There is nothing unique about being a recruiter, we too are a dime a dozen.

When you combine both those titles though you create a recipe for some unique insight. College students reach out to professors, career services on campus, hell even Google for tips and tricks to break into the workforce. As a recruiter at a staffing agency you get to see what different clients are looking for in a stellar or even half-decent employee. I have been juggling both roles for a while now and it has brought me insight regarding Scranton, PA and trying to find a job out here as well as in the surrounding area. That information ought to be shared so here goes:

  • Most jobs don’t care about your cover letter
  • Unless your “OBJECTIVE” is unequivocally specific you’re only wasting space and time
  • Bullet points are your best friend- conversational format is annoying to read
  • Unless you’re attempting to break into a specific industry most jobs that require a 4-year degree don’t even care what the degree is
  • Owning your own business means nothing on a resume
  • Internships do not qualify as work experience and most employers are looking for work experience
  • Staffing agencies and “temp agencies” are not the same- know the difference and use them to your advantage
  • Yes your asinine email address can make or break a hiring decision
  • All the degrees in the world won’t matter when you get to your job- you have to go through their training anyway so if you do go get a degree, get one that makes you happy or get one that is lucrative right now but you need to be OK with the idea of moving out of the area
  • Your criminal activity in your past will come back to bite you in the ass- Wanna be a truck driver one day? Don’t drink and drive now…ever…one DUI and you’re killing tons of options
  • References- list someone in business and co-workers or past co-workers don’t count

I could write a book on this topic alone, for the sake of time I shall cut the post at this point. Again, this information is relevant to some and probably not relevant at all to others. Small town inhabitants would find value in it more so than big city folks. Take what you need and pass on what someone else might.



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