Come Sail Away

Three trips into Philadelphia this past week was what it took for me to realize there’s something to be said about owning an Easy Pass. At least by visit #3 it was strictly about the good time. No Homeland Security stuff, no friends going through crises…just Labor Day Love. And it was lovely!


This was the view on-board the Spirit of Philadelphia. Beauties surrounded by beauty. We boogied to old school hip hop and R&B all night on the Delaware.


With every passing month I solidify my resolve to live on a boat by the time I’m 40. It has gone from being my obsession to being my active goal. Feel free to fund the goal!


Did I mention the plethora of coconut rum that came my way all night? The music was great. The view of Philadelphia was breathtaking. The food kept you sated and still skinny so there was zero guilt as we stuffed our faces. Major thanks to Philadelphia radio station Old School 100.3, DJ Touchstone, Jay Ski and to Spirit Cruises for a stellar night!



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