What Inspires You?

What if you knew words well? I know words well, people in my life know words even better. We adore them, we abuse them, we know their tricks and what makes them tick.

Before I ever thought about blogging I had already written my first novel. The end of that novel gave the teaser of a sophomore piece the reader could look forward to. Then came the Internet addiction. Facebook consumption was alloted more time than sleep. Then came the blog. My first blog was under my artist name (so was my novel).

With the birth of my very own online space came the need to create content for that space. That was around the time I began also to understand the shortened attention span of readers, the need for constant content and the amount of time and creativity required to keep the site vibrant and relevant. Suddenly I had a YouTube channel, a Twitter, a Facebook page and each platform needed to deliver “stuff” to that audience.

I began creating categories and themes. I did a series or two, I stayed timely and touched on trends. All the right steps were taken but I rarely got to write a longer work. Pieces that required research became pet projects that couldn’t get the attention they each deserved. My blog had posts and as a writer I wanted a space that housed meaningful works. I hate the words “Blog Post.”

So now I must slow down. I simply cannot keep diluting my words to play catch up and keep up. Also, looking back at my ultimate goal for my writing, it really is time to get back to a deeper project and rekindle my love of writing.

Every true blogger will tell you to go find your niche and for the most part you stay in that pocket. Become the expert of Deli Cheeses. Become the expert mom who can make ten thousand dishes out of 3 ingredients. The bloggers are correct for the most part, but there is always that one anomaly. I don’t want a themed blog, my life is not one steadfast theme, is yours? I want the space to discuss whatever experience I fall into, because each experience is always extraordinary. People around me can make an adventure out of peanut butter and jelly. I love that I am a Caribbean American woman, I love that I am in the hip-hop community. I love that I can paint on clothing and people call it art. I love that I can look back at my years of abuse and look forward to my Masters Degree and be able to appreciate the growth. I love listening to what drives you and what drives your dreams, and what inspires your growth. Your questions cause me to look for actual answers. My theme?  My theme is life, my theme is YOU. All of you and the experiences you give me.  You who make me smile. You who make me cry. You who uplift those around you. You who try to tear others down. You who have no voice. You who speak too damn much. I hope you all find your inspiration because you are all mine.


Heads up! Are you digging the art work for my featured image? It’s another piece by Caleb Eyler, local artist to Scranton, PA. I like his work, and so does Starbucks! Take a second look!



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