Out of Control “Friending”

Thank you Internet for creating the Friend Me Monster. People search daily for new likes and new followers and even worse than the first two, the Follow Back. I lived the madness, I have gone from  addict, to cutting social media cold turkey, to returning strategically. These days I post as needed, for very specific reasons, mostly to let family outside of the country know that we are not dead. That is how much love I no longer have for most of these platforms. Twitter still has my attention though. There is nothing like a good rant or babble with like minded folks about the latest POTUS  address to the nation and what not.

Now that we have established how apathetic I am toward the social media movement let us discuss what it has done to ruin the real world. Why do people feel the need to FRIEND everyone they see while they are out and about? There is no need.

There is no popularity contest. We are not in any clubs or organizations together. We will not promote the growth of the other person in any way tomorrow so why do I have to entertain any thoughts of conversation with you at a lounge or club tonight?

There is nothing wrong with a smile and small wave, but then disperse,  go about your night with zero hard feelings. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re chatty and the other person is chatty, darling  chat on! I am not chatty with very many people. I never shut up but that is because I have great conversation with people I know and trust, or people I want to learn from or connect with. There is none of that on my mind on a typical Saturday night at a dark lounge as the music is playing and I am unwinding. Find me on Monday at 9:00am if that is your agenda.

People call those who keep to themselves introvert or obnoxious. Not at all. We are private. It is a rare find today but it does exist and it deserves every respect. We do not want to create a perfect Instagram moment with random people. We do not want to be tagged in Facebook posts, as a matter of fact our Facebook settings keep that tagging thing under control. We simply want to be out in a vibrant atmosphere, drink a little, maybe dance a little and laugh a lot with people we enjoy without all the pretenses. May we live too?



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