The Baltimore Waltz



I have a play date and her name is Casey. She also happens to be my editor. We are each others go-to date for anything related to theatre. We have seen many a play together. Most recently we attended The Baltimore Waltz, written by Paula Vogel, directed by José Zayas and performed by The Scranton Players. If you have not read the play, if you have not seen the play, if you plan to attempt either of the aforementioned in the future, you will want to skip this post entirely.

I am never disappointed when I attend a play at “The U”. It was once whispered to me that the funding the theatre department receives almost guarantees the stellar performances and the flawless sets, the crisp audio and the never faulty lighting. Inigo himself smiles today.

The Baltimore Waltz puzzled the gentleman behind me and I knew exactly why. His story became her story but was always his story. It was one of those plays that leaves you with an eerie and lingering unease as you walk upstairs to bed and you think about the two bunny rabbits. As the story played out was HIS story playing out and was the story you were witnessing a metaphor for the real story, the one you were not to see until the very end? This is why I love theatre. The mind-fuck is a requirement and it aligns with my sense of humor. Go see the play and keep an open mind, do not avert your eyes even for one second. Even as sissy breaks the fourth wall as it all begins, nothing is what you think it is. And it all makes you wonder a bit about the real world applications for urine. That probably got your attention, I shall spoil no more.

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