Hip Hop Hooray

Did I ever tell you about Para-Dice Jackson? She is me. I wanted an artist name for my hip hop and I wrote my novel under that name as well. This all began five years ago and I wrote, recorded, built and burned bridges. Seems like a lifetime has passed since those days. Para-Dice Jackson, or Dicey, was a sassy one. I don’t want to lose the music because as I keep writing and growing I sometimes pause to remember the days when I really jumped head first into any project or passion without pausing to think about things likeĀ  my brand, my long term goals and so forth. I still write music but it is very different, you’ll see…

Today I threw some photos together with my first song, Can’t Sleep. My friends still shoot me the occasional “guess what I’m listening to” text, and it’s almost always this one.

Wasn’t she sassy though? She still pops up here and there.

Ever Yours,



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