Paycheck Reality

Knowing when the time is right is as important as knowing if the thing is right. The time was right for me to disappear and now the time is right to return to my light. The floetry below needs no explaining. It is mine so if you share, you will need to do some crediting. Thank  you for reading.

Paycheck Reality 

The artist shuns the realist

School shut her doors 

I stood nose to wood with shut door

I waited and waited and waited for more

It should not end like this

This was to be a beginning 

Morning glories and angels singing



Always Winning 

Slam. Slam. Slam. Shut doors.
A window opens

Devil peaks out, grinning 

Come see what I have been saving

I waited whilst you were playing 

Come see deary 

Tis bland and dreary

Tis everything you tried escaping

See that shut door darling

See my rusty window opening

Nothing has changed

I promise you pain

I promise you quicksand and more of the same

Creak. Screech. Creak. Window opening 


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