Saying Less Says More

I speak directly to the woman who wants so dearly to be seen as important and deep and intellectual. I speak directly to the woman who has a burning desire to come across as the “go to” for substance and unbiased advice. First, if she is reading this post, this woman needs to carve out time to explore the reasons for that need. Is it a common trait of your zodiac sign? Is it something deeper? Once you are past the reflection, if it is still your desire to be the Go-To Guru in your social circle then it is crucial that you create the right image. Here is the truth, the more you comment passionately on topic after topic, the more you appear chatty. You have tons to say? I get it, but here are a few handy practices to make and keep you relevant:

Be sure that your comments are well thought out. Make sense. Do not use more words than necessary. Do not use words you do not know how to use properly. Do not speak on subjects you have not researched. You can only build credibility and trust by being credible and honest.

Admit when someone else has a valid point.

Consider posting and commenting less. This way when you do engage, people will think “she must really think this was worth her time so maybe it’s worth my time to listen.” At that point, hopefully you have spoken up about something worthy.

Do not take the bait and comment on posts by people who only post for controversy or to kill time because their audience already knows they are a waste of space so by commenting you are validating that waste of space and cheapening your brand.

Yes you are a brand, You are a package you are presenting to an audience. What do you want them to think about your presentation? Would you listen to you? Why?

Pick a topic and become the master. Couponing, vacation planning, local politics, celebrity news. Pick that “thing” that you want people to come to you about and learn it inside and out. I have said enough today.



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