Trump’s Shady Immigration Move

Every news outlet has reported on the end of immigration program, DACA by now. Politico broke the news on Septemeber 3rd that Trump plans to end DACA but will delay this six months. DACA will likely no longer exist come February of 2018. And with the power to cut programs comes the prezi’s lack of capability to create a solution paired with his power to delegate that duty to Congress.

  • If you are wondering what DACA is: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a program created under Obama in 2012 that allows undocumented people who came to the states as minors (The Dreamers) to stay in the U.S. and work legally, go to school and basically survive within whatever status they fall under, for a maximum of 2 years, at which point they have/had to reapply for consideration. There is a process and applicants need to meet certain criteria.
  • If you are wondering who has benefited from DACA: Children who did not ask for any of this but now the United States is where they call home.
  • If you are wondering who will be affected by the loss of DACA: The list is endless but today let us focus on The Dreamers, young people in good standing in the U.S. with little to no criminal record, currently working at some job or another, that the opposition might say was taken from a U.S. citizen but I beg you, when making your argument, consider and show proof of how qualified and/or willing was that citizen you claim could have filled the role?

I am blogging and wondering what happened to The Donald’s ramble about cleaning up the drugs brought in by the criminals he planned to round up? Is this that?

During a speech in Phoenix when he told us that Mexico would pay for the impenetrable, beautiful wall Trump also said “It’s our right as a sovereign nation to choose immigrants that we think are the likeliest to thrive and flourish and love us.” Do DREAMERS not qualify?

DREAMERS who applied and qualified for DACA have given your prezi their names, location, employment status, methods of communication such as phone and email, among other things.

Per Homeland Security, within reason, in order to qualify for DACA consideration this group had to have been minors, in school or have completed school before a certain date, have no felonies or significant misdemeanors,and pose no threat to public safety.

Asking for Clarity

Dear Trump…. am I to be made to understand, and to accept that you go at the jugular of the innocent because although it is the least logical, it is in your bubble the simplest way to grab any immigration win for your followers, whom you have promised the Great Wall and the Almighty Roundup and Send Back?

The Question

You have undocumented criminals in jails across the U.S. Why did you choose NOT to start there? They cost to be fed and housed, they pose threats to the public safety. Research them, they are likely to have 3 or more misdemeanors and/or one significant misdemeanor. If you are doing your cleanup and making America great again (yawn, head scratch, shake head, eyeroll), prezi….here is a thought from a Naturalized Citizen who came here as a minor and was illegal for many years, many many years: You get rid of the so called problem, not the innocent. As part of an executive order Trump signed this past January, he is to receive quarterly reports on the number of illegal aliens housed in prisons, along with data related to their crimes and qualifiers for deportation processing. Upon receiving all that data, the President looked to removing the DACA program as part of his immigration legacy.

The Theory

Maybe you actually believe that it will cost you less to round up the innocent first. Mr. President. Initially this made zero sense but then I tried to think like you. You are prezi now, but forever and always the businessman. Private Prisons make money off the undocumented criminals.

According to the ACLU website, “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported that in 2016, private prisons held nearly three-quarters of federal immigration detainees.” These businesses, I mean prisons, get cheap labor out of the inmates. They make product like clothing and furniture for pennies on the dollar. People can purchase private prison stock, it is actually a thing! Will you be rubbing the cronies the wrong way if you stir up the jail angle? Is this the problem you are up against oh fearless leader?

Are those illegal, undocumented criminals worth more to you here, in jail than deported?

What are we missing, because although this makes no sense, it is not YOUR typical “I have no clue how to President” move. There is more to the step you took and I want answers. Children who came here through no choice of their own but somehow made a way and contributed to Making America Great deserve the truth. We deserve transparency in your answers. Maybe a committee will be created to investigate this one. Probably not, but I will try my best to do where others fail.

Hoping for your speedy impeachment,



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