About PTR

Welcome! Palm Tree Row is where I rather nervously share all my works. I am a Caribbean American woman, Trinidadian American to be more exact. I have always written, both in school and in my personal life; regardless of where my academics and my job take me I always come back to writing. The works take different forms because I write “floetry”, a mashup of poetry and hiphop, I write short stories as well and this space is where I get to toy with romance and pain and the lust and lure of our humanity. I also write for academic reasons and those will have their own space on the site along with a brief description and the outcome if there ever was one attached to the piece. Another category will highlight my first novel, written five years ago and the journey toward my second novel as well as my first non-fictional work that is coming together right now.

As I grow, so does PalmTreeRow. This site has been my place of peace ever since its birth. I am a single mother of two magnificent little fellas, I work full time and I finally completed my Master’s Degree and I am contemplating the elusive PhD life. I understand that by putting my art on the internet I am inviting all sorts to view and critique as they see fit. My words bring me a sense of calm or excitement or closure, depending on why a particular one was done, and although I respect that we all have a right to an opinion, if yours contributes to the epidemic of voluntarily breaking another human’s spirit for no reason other than to bask in that negative energy, well kindly redirect yourself to an alternate page of the World Wide Web and kiss my ass in the process.

Now that we have gotten the “About” task out of the way, I want to thank you if you are still reading. I am truly honored to have earned some of your time. Enjoy the experience with me.



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