Paycheck Reality

Morning glories and angels singing
Always Winning


Still Waters…

“Can we be as still as the moment
Let lyrics wash over our limbs
Let dewdrops touch where we dare not…
Trickle downward, we lay so still”

Blinded By Time

“Your problem is that you feel too much.” Is that not the very definition of an artist…one who feels so much she needs outlets for expression? We will run with that definition.

Dear Sir…

I would question our whole existence
You would lean in and listen, gifted with patience
I would ask if God was real
You would simply whisper “define that word real”
Tell me what you think, tell me what you feel


Ask my significant other about me and he’ll tell you, most days there’s nothing deep going on in this head. Simplicity and tasteless humor make up the majority of my days. And I like it like that. Recently I had to let go of social media because the fun was gone. It was gone a…


My writing is heavily influenced by my environment. There are things I observe that inspire new flow, that make me question the “what if?” Some things bring a cold dose of reality to the front. We live in a world of change yet change is so seemingly difficult to accomplish. We live in a world…