SHE. The Novelist: Chapter 8

The eyes told a story, they looked tired yet fired up for a good fight. There were dark circles beneath the makeup. She didn’t look tacky, more like she was playing a role. Maybe she borrowed the clothes. Hell maybe she won the lottery and this was her first time spending on herself sans keeping track of every penny leaving her purse.


SHE. The Novelist: Chapter 7

You have to show your face while they still love you. Do you want to be forgotten, to start this thing from scratch? Or what else can it be dear lovely, are you ready to throw in the towel and stop writing… give up your passion and be mundane? Do you want to be mundane Simone Nicolette?”

SHE. The Novelist: Chapters 1~6

Those were the vivid pictures we always seemed to discuss, Dr. Sandreed and I. Of course I’m not suicidal, I am a writer. We live miniature episodes of other people’s narcissism day in and day out. I must have used up my allotment of love story episodes and moved on to darker genres. Do not scribble the word suicidal on your precious notepad dear Doctor Sandreed. It was a lovely notepad though.

Bajan Invasion: The Finale

I was not kidding when I said your story means more to me than you could ever know. My ultimate wish? Hell I wish I could grab us a bottle of coconut rum, maybe some good grass if that’s your twist, sit back under a tree somewhere and vibe while you tell me what made…

Bajan Invasion Part ii

You got to meet Qwiz, Bajan American with a background in music management, media promotion and production. Want a refresher? Here’s the post where we looked at a bit of Qwiz’s History. I am fascinated with all of you. Everyone has a story and I’ve made it my mission to share as many of yours…

Bajan Invasion Part 1

He is driven. He is suave, he has that certain je ne sais quoi. It cannot be worded but is so so obvious. Perk of perks? He happens to be West Indian American, Bajan Amer to be exact. Meet Qwiz. I’m positive the man has a last name but over the past five years he…

SHE. The Novelist: Chapter 6

SHE. THE NOVELIST. A short creative work by Donya A. Jackson Chapter 6: Majesty. Why on earth did he pick such a formal restaurant? It was Tuesday night. My burgundy cocktail dress was definitely not what I wanted to be wearing. A pair of soft, worn in jeans and a beat up college sweater described…